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About Us

Our History

Our History

We founded blockoffice to address a common issue: fast-growing startups often struggle with financial operations, creating bottlenecks that slows down the process

This challenge becomes even more pronounced in the world of global and remote businesses, which are regulated and carry high intellectual property value, such as in sectors like AI, gaming, Web3 startups who are pioneers in the industry.

We are based in Singapore with more than 80% of our customers based globally, with presence in Hong Kong as well. Our mission is to empower these businesses to overcome financial hurdles and ensure their path to success is smooth.


We are backed by angel investors that are founders of unicorns/decacorns and senior executives from Tier 1 Funds. Additionally, BlockOffice Ventures, our dedicated investment arm strategically deploys our own proprietary capital into promising early-stage startups, fostering innovation and driving growth in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Our early and angel investors come from

our past events

First Event

Winning in Web3 amidst the Ever Changing Regulatory Landscape

On November 30 2023, we had the pleasure of hosting a joint event with Aspire where we discussed how companies should operate in Web3 amidst dynamic regulatory landscapes. The event started with a panel discussion with Nansen CEO Alex Svanevik, Request Finance CEO Christophe L. and BlockOffice CFO Partner Christian Corrigan (Moderated by Thomas Jeng).

BlockOffice Burn & Breakfast Series: Token2049 Side Event

Held as a side event during Token2049 in Singapore, BlockOffice hosted a Burn & Breakfast event where founders get to workout, network with like-minded individuals and enjoy a hearty brunch. The event was a success thanks to our enthusiastic participants, as well as support from partners Aspire, Wind.App and Pangea Pass.

Frequently asked questions

We fuse our technological expertise with tailored advisory services to provide an integrated solution.
Our methodology emphasises the importance of direct client relationships while leveraging tech to enhance your business value from the outset. BlockOffice delivers an optimal blend of personalised consultation and tech sophistication, setting a new standard for strategic and financial back office support.

Having a fractional CFO on your team can be incredibly helpful when making financial decisions. The amount of financial data companies require, and track can be overwhelming. Instead of getting lost in the numbers, you can focus on making data-backed decisions based on what your fractional CFO provides.

Engaging a full-time Controller or Chief Financial Officer (CFO) can represent a significant financial commitment for an organization. Consider the scenario where a mid-level controller commands an annual salary of $80,000. When factoring in the employer’s portion of payroll taxes—approximately $6,000 to $7,000—along with the additional benefits ranging from $10,000 to $15,000, and accounting for paid time off, the aggregate cost can readily escalate to between $100,000 – $115,000 annually. This is merely for a mid-level professional. The financial outlay for a senior-level Controller could surpass $150,000, and this presupposes a full-time workload to justify the expense. Naturally, the cost considerations for a full-time CFO would be considerably higher due to their more strategic role and expertise.

In contrast, let’s evaluate the cost structure of partnering with a Fractional CFO. Assuming there is a need for 15 hours of service per week, at a rate of $100 per hour, this equates to $1,500 weekly. Over the course of a 50-week year, the total investment would approximate $75,000. This model is transparent and straightforward with no ancillary costs – no taxes, no benefits. You are simply billed for the actual hours of CFO expertise utilized, offering a clear and often more cost-effective financial arrangement for financial leadership services.

Our expertise spans a broad spectrum of the technology sector, encompassing startups in various fields such as Fintech, Web3 Blockchain, IoT, Gaming, IT. Even if your startup operates within a sector not listed above, we encourage you to reach out to us, as we continuously seek opportunities to broaden our knowledge and expertise by exploring new industries.

Schedule a call with us today to explore how our expertise can propel your ventures forward.


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