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The BackOffice for High Growth Startups

Fractional CFO/COO and BlockOffice Ventures

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Blockoffice Ventures

Our venture fund strategically invests in early-stage, high-growth companies and second time founders who are at the early stage of innovation lifecycle. We have a huge global network of investors and LPs mostly comprises ex-founders who have exited via mergers, acquisitions and IPOs.

Bank Account Setup

We help companies to establish new bank accounts, including choosing the right bank and account type, completing the necessary paperwork and setting up online banking facilities.


Leveraging on our team’s fundraising expertise and extensive investor network, we expedite startups funding rounds and accelerate their business growth.

Budgeting & Projections

We advise on budget and resource allocation for startups, optimising their cash flow to fuel business growth and expansion.

Finance Team setup

We assist startups in establishing and managing their finance team. We help clients in hiring the right talents, ensuring the team possesses the necessary skills to support the startup’s growth.

Clean Books & Accurate Taxes

We assist in organising financial records to ensure they are free of errors and compliant with accounting standards, alongside preparing and filing tax returns accurately to meet legal obligations and optimise tax efficiency.

Xero Account Setup & Integration

We help companies in setting up a Xero account for their business and ensuring a smooth integration with existing financial systems and processes for streamlined accounting and financial management.

P&L Management

We help startups plan their financial operations strategically and identify areas where costs can be reduced without impacting product quality or operational efficiency. Beyond managing costs, we advice on pricing strategies and market opportunities to increase sales and improve profit margin.

Corporate Structuring

We help startups to design and implement the optimal legal and organisational structure for a business to enhance operational efficiency, reduce legal risks and optimise tax obligations.

Setup & Filing Globally

We help to establish business entities in multiple countries, handling the necessary legal procedures and ensuring compliance with international and local regulations for company registration and filing.

Bank Account Setups - BVI, Cayman and Panama

We offer assistance in opening bank accounts in offshore jurisdictions such as BVI, Cayman Islands and Panama and navigating the banking requirements and compliance procedures.

Whitepaper & Tokenomics

We assist in crafting whitepaper and developing tokenomics by providing financial expertise to ensure project’s economic model is viable and attractive to investors. We also offer Investor Relations advisory, helping to communicate the project’s potential to investors and guiding the fundraising process to secure capital.

Token Listing

Our team assists in token listing by managing marketing, PR strategies and help oversee the vendor relations for TGE. We work closely with startups to ensure token’s launch is well-publicised and supported by effective communication channels. We also help to coordinate with service providers and platforms to facilitate TGE, ensuring a seamless listing process and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Optimising Digital Accounting/Flows

We specialise in optimising digital accounting and financial flows, facilitate efficient on/off-ramping processes, enabling seamless transitions between digital and traditional financial systems. We ensure businesses can manage digital assets effectively and maintain regulatory compliance.

Fractional Legal Counsel

Our in-house legal team offers expert advice on various legal matters, leveraging our extensive knowledge to guide you through complex legal landscapes. We provide tailored, strategic legal solutions that align with your business objectives and mitigate risks.


Our recruitment firm assists startups in overcoming hiring challenges by efficiently connecting them with qualified candidates. We specialise in managing the recruitment process, ensuring a good fit between your startup’s needs and the candidate’s skill sets.

Fast MVP Setup

We accelerate MVP setup for startups by employing a lean development approach to focus on essential features and utilising cross-functional teams for efficient execution.

Tech Audit

We offer assistance in opening bank accounts in offshore jurisdictions such as BVI, Cayman Islands and Panama and navigating the banking requirements and compliance procedures.

Complex Tech Needs

We specialise in implementing and integrating complex blockchain technology to enhance existing applications or develop new ones, tailoring solutions to meet the specific technical needs of our clients.

Why high growth companies and funds prefer BlockOffice

Trusted by 100+ Founders

BlockOffice boasts a robust portfolio of over 100 clients to date, spanning a diverse array of industries and sectors. 

Collectively Raised $500M+

From investing in founders at the earliest stage to helping them grow their companies as they scale.

Ex-Founders and Startup DNA

Our experienced team is committed to hustling alongside you to efficiently meet your backoffice needs.


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